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All 2023 OBGC Sports will be following Covid-19 guidelines from the CDC, State of MD and Montgomery County.


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Brad Scott

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Fall Sports Programs

Tackle Football

House Soccer

House Softball

House T-ball and Baseball

Field Hockey


Lacrosse Clinics TBD

Winter Sports Programs



Indoor Soccer Clinic

Basketball/Softball Workouts

Rising Stars Basketball

I-270 Basketball

Spring Sports Programs

House Soccer

House Softball

House T-ball and Baseball

House Lacrosse

Flag Football


All families are part of the OBGC Time or Dime Program and are expected to either volunteer 5 hours over the course of the registered year (spring, fall, winter) or pay the $75 opt-out fee to cover the year.  All coaches and volunteers will be required to pay the fee upfront. Head coaches will be reimbursed only once a team is assigned to them and they have completed the mandatory background check. All other volunteers that work their required time will be refunded the $75 fee before the end of the year.

This volunteer program is based on the calendar year and volunteer time does not carry forward to the next year. Whether you pay your fee in the Spring or the Winter, you have until December 31st to complete your volunteer hours or your fee will not be refunded.