Cropdusters Baseball, is a 501c3 summer collegiate baseball organization formed in 2021!


Founder and President, Tony Korson, is a native Washingtonian and has built the team from the ground up, with the help of a talented and local volunteer Board and Executive team in Olney.  All  those working with Cropdusters Baseball share passion for the community and baseball, and are each making a concentrated effort to infuse the Olney community into the team's brand and "vibe."


The team will host roughly 35 college athletes from all over the nation from  June 1st-August 1st each summer, with the help of local host families. The team's goal is to offer a summer baseball experience to delight and entertain the community with more than just baseball, for 20 home games at the developing stadium at their home at the Olney Boys & Girls Club.